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Frequently Asked Questions

When do I need to enrol my child?

If your child is not yet two, please wait until they are 18 months old before filling in the pre-enrolment form.

Can I wait until my child is 3 years old before starting Kindergarten?

Yes, that is absolutely fine. Please contact the kindergarten when you and your child are ready to arrange a visit.

Are there costs involved?

Yes. For your 2-year-old we have an $8.40 per hour fee and for 3 and 4-year olds we ask for a parent contribution of $3.20 per hour to supplement the 20 ECE government hours. This is to help maintain our child teacher ratio of 8 :1. Over 20 hours we charge $8.40 per hour. WINZ childcare subsidy is available.

Do you have any special sessions for 4-year-old children before school?

Yes, when your child turns 4 they can join our “Pathways to School Programme” to support your child in their transition to school.

How many teachers do you have?

We have a ratio of 1 qualified teacher to every 8 children.

Do you provide lunch for the children?

The children bring their own healthy packed lunch and fruit for morning and afternoon tea.

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