Newsletters are emailed out or made available on site for parents, They include event news and information from the staff and management.

Notices of upcoming events for parents are also emailed out and displayed on the notice boards and Facebook.

Staff, management and parents regularly review the policies that guide our practices. Every child at the centre has a portfolio which records examples of their learning experiences. Special moments, interests and strengths are documented to celebrate their achievements. These records are updated regularly and may include photos, learning stories and group projects. We love to hear parents’  stories of what’s happening outside the Centre and welcome these to be added to the portfolio or shared at mat time. In this way, we can provide a link between what is happening at home and the Centre.

You are welcome to spend time with your child at the Centre and our staff are always willing to discuss any concerns you have about your child.

Parent help is welcomed in numerous ways including trips, sharing talents or washing dress ups etc.

We hold seminars from time to time usually centering on parenting skills and child development. We have a parent’s library with a wide selection of parenting resources that Parents are welcome to borrow.  Occasional coffee mornings or shared lunches help facilitate social contact among parents and provide support and information sharing.

All parents/caregivers are invited to an informal meeting to hear an explanation of how the kindergarten functions, what they can expect from the Centre and have an opportunity to ask questions.  Every year we also hold a Whanau Week to welcome the wider family at the centre.