When do I need to enrol my child?

If your child is not two yet please wait until they are 18months olds before filling in the pre-enrolment form.

Can I wait until my child is 3 years old before starting Kindergarten? 

Yes that is absolutely fine, please contact the kindergarten when you and your child are ready to.

Are there costs involved?

Yes.  For your 2 year old we have a $8.40 p/h fee and for your 3 and 4 year old we ask for a parent contribution of $3.20 p/h to supplement the 20ECE hours the government allows each child over 3.

Do you have special sessions for 4 year old before school?

Yes, when your child turns 4 they can attend our Monday and Wednesday sessions and they will do age specific group work to help with readiness for school.